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By security practitioners, for security practitioners

About Us

At Innovate Cybersecurity, our mission is to provide insightful educational content and to foster a community of collaborative security professionals through our in-person conference series and online content.

In 2018, Innovate formed to host the “Innovate Cybersecurity Summit.” The mission of our conferences is to provide better expert-level education, and to do it in a more intimate setting conducive to meaningful networking. To this end, we cap the attendance of our events to maintain an ideal atmosphere.

On the heels of the conference success, we expanded our scope to provide education and important cybersecurity information to everyone in the industry in the form of advisories on new threats and vulnerabilities, educational guides, industry insight, and unabashed opinion on a wide range of cybersecurity topics.

Innovate is developed for security practitioners by security practitioners. We are first and foremost technical security professionals who share our views and findings from within the industry to cut through the buzz of marketing fluff and provide actionable information that IT and security professionals can actually use in their jobs.  

We envision that other members of the cybersecurity community—CISOs, engineers, analysts, threat hunters, system administrators, software developers, and any practitioner of security—will rally with us to share, contribute, and attend.  


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