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Month: March 2023

10 posts

Microsoft Training and Certification

Microsoft offers an extensive training library that includes instructor led, virtual and self-paced product training offerings Education Portal.…

Breaking the Vulnerability & Patch Divide

Scott Savenelli explains why his approach to vulnerability and patch management has undergone a dramatic shift to respond to a growing and incessant volume of threats.

Pain in the Supply Chain

The supply chain continues to be a successful vector in high-profile cyber attacks. This article provides some background and guidance on the risk of being compromised by a trusted element of your supply chain.

Weekly Top Ten Cybersecurity Stories – 3.17.2023

Microsoft fixes two zero-days actively exploited by state-sponsored threat actors, Adobe Coldfusion vulnerability exploited in the wild, U.S. federal agency breached using 3-year-old vulnerability, and 8 more stories...

March 2023 Patch Tuesday Closes Two Zero-Days Actively Exploited By State-Sponsored Actors

Microsoft's Patch Tuesday for March 2023 fixes more than 80 vulnerabilities, 9 of which are rated critical severity, and 2 zero-days—an Outlook Elevation of Privilege Vulnerability (CVE-2023-23397) and a Windows SmartScreen Security Feature Bypass Vulnerability (CVE-2023-24880). Administrators are encouraged to apply updates ASAP. If this is not possible, there are some mitigating actions to be taken.

Revisiting OpenAI

In December, we looked at OpenAI in a couple of ways. We want to understand its capabilities but…
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