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Latest news and opinions in cybersecurity industry trends, threats, and best practices.

ChatGPT From A Pen Tester’s Point Of View

ChatGPT has significant potential to transform the landscape of penetration testing by playing the role of comprehensive assistant, but this powerful resource is not without risk.

The Future of Identity

Identity and Access Management veteran Jim Gerken of Novacoast provides some insight on the past, present, and future of this cornerstone space in cybersecurity.

AI Danger: Aligning Cyber and Policy Experts

For cybersecurity experts and policymakers, the GPT-4 System Card is one of the most important documents to be released since the initial announcement of ChatGPT.

The Latest Trends in Data Security

Michael Howden of Novacoast gives his annual update on the current state of methodologies and technologies meant to prevent data breach or loss.

Breaking the Vulnerability & Patch Divide

Scott Savenelli explains why his approach to vulnerability and patch management has undergone a dramatic shift to respond to a growing and incessant volume of threats.

Pain in the Supply Chain

The supply chain continues to be a successful vector in high-profile cyber attacks. This article provides some background and guidance on the risk of being compromised by a trusted element of your supply chain.
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