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Latest news and opinions in cybersecurity industry trends, threats, and best practices.

A Modern Guide to Ransomware Protection

A ransomware attack is everyone’s nightmare. Nothing can cripple an organization like workstations locked and encrypted, demanding payment in…

Pen Test Postmortem: How To Get Owned

Professional good-guy attacker Pedro M. Sosa covers the most common findings from security assessments that make your organization easier to compromise.

The Return of Emotet Malware

The infamous botnet and malware known as Emotet is making a rise from the ashes in a new, more advanced form after last year's government takedown of its operators.

Why Scheduled Patch Windows Are Bad Practice

The growing rate of new vulnerabilities and the short time it takes adversaries to weaponize them is making the practice of patch windows less sustainable with every passing day. It's time to consider alternatives.

8 Years Until Quantum Computers Break Cryptography

Researchers believe they've targeted the date when a quantum computer will defeat contemporary cryptographic algorithms used to secure modern technology and networking, which could wreak havoc on the Internet so irrevocably enmeshed with society. Can we adopt a strategy now to prepare for post-quantum?
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