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By security practitioners, for security practitioners

Guide to Training and Certification for Cybersecurity Products

The market for cybersecurity products is vast. The training provided by the product vendors can help provide essential skills needed to deploy and operate these tools. The amount of training and certifications out there is more than any one person could consume.

Not all training is the same: quality, availability, and cost can vary wildly.  Some training may also help a participant understand the problems the security tools solve, while others may focus configuration—the how rather than the why.

To help people find the right training we’ve compiled a guide a to many widely-used security products in the industry. Each profile includes an overview of the content offered, the training format, direct links to their training resources, and firsthand experiences from Innovate Cybersecurity community members who have taken the courses.

Product training by company name, alphabetically:

BeyondTrust Training

BeyondTrust seeks to help its customers by educating their users on best practices for…

Forge Rock Training

ForgeRock training and certification courses to help you learn, architect, deploy and manage…

Fortinet Training

Learn about official Fortinet training for the company's hardware and software products.
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