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By security practitioners, for security practitioners

Month: February 2023

11 posts

The Future of Identity

What will Identity look like in five years? Jim Gerken has been working in Identity for over twenty years, and has an idea what the future of this space has in store.

The Latest Trends in Data Security

Michael Howden of Novacoast gives his annual update on the current state of new methodologies and technologies meant to prevent data breach or loss.

The Future: SIEM, EDR, XDR, and Data Collectors

The endpoint monitoring space has evolved through a number of stages to arrive where it currently is today. In what he calls "the most boring security topic on the planet," Novacoast's Adam Gray gives his perspective on the past and future of this compulsory realm of security tooling.

Zero Trust Inside and Out

Zero Trust is a novel concept in organizational security, but implementation and design will vary between inside your network and out.

Stopping Online Fraud

Sometimes known as the zbot, the Zeus trojan is one of the powerful malware tools leveraged by cybercriminals…
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