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By security practitioners, for security practitioners

Cybersecurity Education

In security, as they say: knowing is half the battle. We’ve broken out our education section into Security Knowledge Guides by topic, and our frequently updated Glossary of Security Terminology.

Security Knowledge Guides

Get a Cybersecurity 101 primer on popular security topics to help you make better decisions in strategy and planning. Security Knowledge Guide categories include:


Assessments and Evaluation

Good security is about brutally honest self-evaluation and constant testing of defenses and posture.


Managed Security Services

One solution to insurmountable security challenges is to enlist the help of an experienced security firm to manage monitoring, tools, and response.


Threat Hunting

With monitoring coverage in place, the next logical step is to get proactive with identifying threats to your security.


Tooling and Technology

From SIEM to EDR, Firewall, IDS/IPS, to SOC as a Service, the tooling and technologies we use in security can save the day.


Attacks and Exploits

Knowing attack profiles, tooling, signatures, and methods of exploit are critical for establishing your own defensive tactics.


Cybersecurity Strategy

Planning and maneuvering to position your organization to best weather cyberattacks.


Security terms and definitions

Our glossary of terms provides definitions and explanations for every concept you’ll encounter here at Innovate.

Careers, Training, and Certification

Product-specific training is an essential part of a competent and effective cybersecurity workforce. To help people find the right training we’ve compiled a guide a to many widely-used security products in the industry.

Interested in starting a career in a cybersecurity role? See our guides:

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