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Welcome to the New Innovate Cybersecurity Experience

Welcome to Innovate Cybersecurity, a new kind of content site focused on providing cybersecurity professionals insightful and actionable information on industry trends, threats, and breaches. All of our content is written by cybersecurity professionals for cybersecurity professionals.  We hope that every article we publish provides you with usable and actionable information.

Innovate Cybersecurity launched two years ago with our Innovate Cybersecurity Summit, or “Innovate” for short. Innovate is specifically designed as an intimate gathering for CISOs to share ideas. The conference is an invite-only event limited to 100 attendees who get to share ideas and meet with experts in a low-stress environment. The conference has been a huge success in bringing value to that group, but there is still much more work to accomplish. Our industry is filled with hundreds of thousands of security professionals who need access to detailed information that cuts through the headlines and marketing buzz. To do this, we’re focusing on four main areas:

  1. Event-based intel: When breach events occur, what do we as cybersecurity professionals need to know about them, or what can we learn from them to help secure our own companies.
  2. Clarifying content: Our industry marketers are experts at creating buzz around new phrases and acronyms: SASE, XDR, MDR, et al. Our mission is to cut through the marketing speak and provide what security professionals actually need to know about these new trends as they emerge. Should you pay attention or participate in them? Why? And if so, when does it make sense in your maturity cycle?
  3. Threat briefings: We have opened our archive of alerts and threat briefings, all of which have actions that organizations should take to mitigate these risks. We will continue to release new threat briefings weekly where needed, following the rule that we only brief the community on threats that you can and should take action to mitigate.
  4. Educational content: Knowledge base style write-ups for all fields, niches, and rabbit holes in our industry to help understand how they all fit together.

We’ve posted a few articles we hope you’ll check out to kick off the site launch. One is about the over-hyping of XDR and how you should view it compared to everything else on the market. The second piece is a retrospective on how the legacy vulnerability management vendors have failed us.

We hope you enjoy the new site. If you have feedback, please send to


Eron Howard
Innovate Cybersecurity

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