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One Identity Training and Certification

One Identity partners, customers, and employees can take advantage of its training resources on cybersecurity and its products and services.

What type of training does One Identity offer?

One Identity offers instructor-led courses with its team of industry experts and certified partners who provide training that is based on real-world experiences.

  • Product certification training

What do engineers who have taken One Identity training say?

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How is One Identity’s training structured?

Training formatOne Identity has the ability to accommodate all learning styles and accessibility levels by offering both in-person classroom instruction as well as an online experience.

Training Formats:
– Instructor-Led
– Shared Virtual
SchedulingStudents can take advantage of on-demand courses or schedule instructor-led training at their convenience.

– Scheduled
– On-Demand
CostPaid – One Identity training content and exams are competitively priced.
CertificationOne Identity certifications are obtained via the website and a third-party exam provider.
DurationCourses vary in length depending on the product being covered.

How to access One Identity Training?

Visit to learn more about One Identity training and review their complete catalog of certifications and courses.

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