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Innovator Series EP1: Lior Yaari of Grip Security

In this inaugural episode of the Innovator Video Series, we chat with Lior Yaari, CEO and co-founder of Grip Security, about the startup’s unique approach to managing security of SaaS surfaces like O365 and integrated cloud application environments.

Managing SaaS Risk With Grip Security

In response to the vast sprawl of SaaS applications and cloud integrations utilized by today’s organizations, Grip Security is motivated by the idea that there is a better way to provide visibility in the interest of security and risk management.

Grip was founded in 2020 by three members of the Israeli Intelligence Corp’s Unit 8200, a unit of the Israel Defense Forces responsible for counterintelligence and cyberwarfare. Lior Yaari, Idan Fast, and Alon Shenkler had a shared motivation to build a startup as well as the depth of experience in the industry to identify a modern pain point and build a solution.

Utilizing an identity-based approach, Grip provides a comprehensive platform to “discover, prioritize, secure, orchestrate security for shadow SaaS and rogue cloud accounts.” This allows not only identifying problems but utilizing automation to solve them, which is critical at scale for larger corporations.

In our 18 minute interview, Yaari shares his story and experience in the 8200 as well as some insight on the ideas that make the Grip platform an exciting and effective tool for a ubiquitous issue facing all modern organizations.

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