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Innovator Series EP3: Hed Kovetz of Silverfort

In our third episode of the Innovator Series, we chat with Hed Kovetz, CEO of identity security startup Silverfort to learn how his new platform is providing unified protection for the evolving IAM landscape.

Protecting Identity & Access Infrastructure With Silverfort

Founded in 2016, Silverfort is a series-D startup that provides a unified identity protection platform—one of the first designed and structured with security as a primary feature from the outset.

In fact it just closed that series D—$116M from Brighton Park Capital—to transform how enterprises secure identity.

Considered by many in the industry as one of the most disruptive new identity companies since the dawn of Okta and/or Auth0, Silverfort continues to carve out its own space as a protective layer atop existing identity infrastructure.

Hed Kovetz, founder and CEO of Silverfort, comes from a broad background in tech, having spent time as a member of Unit 8200 as well as a product manager for defensive cybersecurity products. This exposure to both sides of the industry eventually found him with his own ideas for innovation and his own startup, having arrived at the realization that identity is a primary initial target for attack.

In the continued evolution of the identity landscape where organizations are mixing cloud-based and on-prem identity solutions, as well as VPNs, proxies, and PAM, Silverfort’s platform is intended to be a broad-coverage solution to insulate these components from becoming the first link in an attack chain.

In our 22 minute conversation with Hed, he shares some of his story and insight on becoming an innovator in the cybersecurity industry.

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