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Innovator Series EP4: Satish Veerapuneni of Lumeus

In our fourth episode of the Innovator Series, we chat with Satish Veerapuneni, CEO of Lumeus to talk about their unique AI-based technology and their approach bringing Zero Trust to private networks.

AI-Powered Zero-Trust With Lumeus

Building on a solid foundation in cybersecurity from his previous startups—Veerapuneni has led endpoint protection, identity, and network security ventures—Lumeus is a refinement of detection and access control concepts, utilizing advanced AI. Operating on $6M in Series A funding, Lumeus has timed the current wave of AI in the industry sit perfectly among some pretty big name peers with the introduction of their Zero Trust Gateway, which can deploy in private networks and be seamlessly managed by their Lumeus Cloud service.

Lumeus is the first of our Innovator Series spotlights to have their tech rooted in the capabilities of AI. This is a perfect fit for algorithmic detection work, which is unsurprising given the evolution of products Veerapuneni has brought to market in the past with players like Fortinet. He even had a role in firmware development in early WiMAX technology applications.

The deterministic aspect of identifying sensitive data in the deluge of automated traffic that a Zero Trust gateway might be required to monitor can really only be handled in this manner—Lumeus is a tool that is intelligent and configurable enough to give topical, granular control over the various types of data whether they be PII, PHI, PCI, et al. They offer solutions specifically tailored to cloud, ChatGPT, and/or Database access.

In our 17 minute conversation with Satish, we learn about his collaboration with co-founder Saurabh Jain, as well as his philosophy and approach to building a better access gateway for Zero Trust architectures.

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