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Innovator Series EP6: Theo Nasser of Right-Hand Cybersecurity

Right-Hand Cybersecurity is leading the charge in Human Risk Management technology to help adapt user behavior in the workplace. CEO Theo Nasser joined us to discuss their background and vision for reducing user-triggered security incidents.

Taking A Human-Centered Approach To Securing User Behavior With Right-Hand Cybersecurity

After receiving $5M in Series A funding in March 2023, Right-Hand Cybersecurity announced it would be expanding global operations for its re-envisioned approach to Human Risk Management technology which helps users learn from a brush with risky behavior.

Led by CEO and co-founder Theo Nasser, Right-Hand’s platform takes an innovative approach to the problem of humans being the weakest link in cybersecurity. By aggregating user data from an organization’s existing suite of tools like an EDR, Email Security, SIEM, or DLP solution, Right-Hand’s platform can compile the ingested alert data into quantifiable user risk scores, and deliver individualized training nudges to correct user behaviors in real-time, via Slack, Email or Microsoft Teams.

Earlier this month we sat down with Nasser to discuss his background in the industry and the motivations that brought Right-Hand to operation.

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