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Palo Alto Patches a Series of Vulnerabilities Impacting PAN-OS and Cortex XSOAR Platforms

Palo Alto has released patches for 5 high-severity vulnerabilities, including four impacting PAN-OS and one impacting Cortex XSOAR. Administrators are urged to apply updates ASAP. 

Vulnerability details 

Cortex XSOAR:

CVE-2021-3051 Authentication Bypass in SAML Authentication
A cryptographic validation issue allows for an attacker to bypass authentication if SAML authentication is enabled.
To Check if SAML is enabled, check Settings > Servers & Services and search for SAML.


CVE-2020-10188 Impact of Telnet Remote-Code-Execution (RCE) Vulnerability
This allows for remote attackers to execute remote code if the telnet-based administration interface is enabled.
CVE-2021-3052 Reflected Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) in Web Interface
With this vulnerability, an authenticated attacker can craft a specific link. If the link is clicked by a victim, this will perform arbitrary administrative actions as the victim user.
CVE-2021-3053 Exceptional Condition Denial-of-Service (DoS)
Due to improper exception handling, an unauthenticated network-based attacker can crash a PAN-OS device, or force it into maintenance mode.
CVE-2021-3054 Unsigned Code Execution During Plugin Installation Race Condition Vulnerability
This allows an authenticated administrator with permission to upload plugins to execute arbitrary code with root privileges.

Also Patched:

CVE-2021-3049 Improper Authorization of Incident Investigations Vulnerability, a low severity on Cortex XSOAR

CVE-2021-3055 XML External Entity (XXE) Reference Vulnerability in the PAN-OS Web Interface, a medium severity impacting PAN-OS.

Mitigation guidance

  • Upgrade platforms to mitigate vulnerabilities. Impacted and patched versions vary by CVE, so please review the advisories for additional details.
  • Disable Telnet based administrative interface on PAN-OS to alleviate CVE-2020-10188.


Palo Alto Security Advisories:

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