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Weekly Top Ten Cybersecurity Stories – 10.21.2022


Our Threat Operations and Intelligence team compiles a daily digest of new cybersecurity threats from around the Internet. This top 10 has been culled from the 40+ unique stories we found relevant over the week, ranked by highest risk:

  1. Apache Commons Text CVE-2022-42889 Disclosed w/ Working Proof of Concept Code
  2. Zimbra CVE-2022-41352 Seeing Active Exploitation by Threat Actors
  3. Venus Ransomware Operators Exploiting Open RDP to Deploy Payloads
  4. Qakbot Malware Now Deploying Cobalt Strike Alternative Brute Ratel, Black Basta Ransomware
  5. UEFI-centric Rootkit “BlackLotus” on Sale on Cybercrime Forums
  6. Ursnif Banking Trojan Pivots to General Purpose Approach, Signals Possibility of Info Theft & Ransomware
  7. Security Researchers Discover PowerShell Backdoor Masquerading as Windows Updater
  8. Newly Discovered “Alchimist” Attack Framework Found to be Targeting Mac, Windows, and Linux Networks
  9. RansomCartel Ransomware Possibly Linked to REvil Ransomware Group
  10. CISA Releases Open Source Tool for Recognizing Malware C2 Traffic via logs
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