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Weekly Top Ten Cybersecurity Stories – 2.10.2023


Our Threat Operations and Intelligence team compiles a daily digest of new cybersecurity threats from around the Internet. This top 10 has been culled from the 40+ unique stories we found relevant over the week, ranked by highest risk:

  1. Royal Ransomware Pivots to Targeting Linux and ESXi, Matching Greater ESXiArgs Campaign
  2. Multiple National CERTs Warn of Active ESXi Ransomware Campaign in Progress Abusing CVE-2021-21974
  3. OpenSSH Patches CVE-2023-25136 Arbitrary Code Execution Vulnerability
  4. OpenSSL Patches Multiple Vulnerabilities, Several Allowing for RCE
  5. BYOVD for Sunlogin Abused to Deploy Sliver Cobalt Strike-alternative
  6. Threat Actors Leverage Longer Time-to-Infect, Better Information and Management Relationships to Craft Increasingly Convincing Spearphishing Emails
  7. New Vulnerabilities Discovered Affecting Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT)
  8. CISA Adds Multiple Vulnerabilities Related to SugarCRM and Oracle to the Known Exploited Vulnerabilities Catalog
  9. Multi-purpose Linux-centric Medusa Botnet Found Deploying via Mirai Botnet Infrastructure
  10. Cl0p Linux-variant Ransomware Found to Have Reversible Encryption Scheme
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