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Weekly Top Ten Cybersecurity Stories – 3.10.2023

WEEKLY TOP TEN | MARCH 10, 2023 13:14 GMT

Our Threat Operations and Intelligence team compiles a daily digest of new cybersecurity threats from around the Internet. This top 10 has been culled from the 40+ unique stories we found relevant over the week, ranked by highest risk:

  1. How to prevent Microsoft OneNote files from infecting Windows with malware
  2. Experts Reveal Google Cloud Platform’s Blind Spot for Data Exfiltration Attacks
  3. SYS01stealer: New Threat Using Facebook Ads to Target Critical Infrastructure Firms
  4. Inside Threat: Developers Leaked 10M Credentials, Passwords in 2022
  5. DBatLoader and Remcos RAT Sweep Eastern Europe
  6. New ScrubCrypt Crypter Used in Cryptojacking Attacks Targeting Oracle WebLogic
  7. Hackers Exploiting Remote Desktop Software Flaws to Deploy PlugX Malware
  8. CorePlague: Severe Vulnerabilities in Jenkins Server Lead to RCE
  9. AI-Powered ‘BlackMamba’ Keylogging Attack Evades Modern EDR Security
  10. Transparent Tribe Hackers Distribute CapraRAT via Trojanized Messaging Apps
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