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Weekly Top Ten Cybersecurity Stories – 9.30.2022


Our Threat Operations and Intelligence team compiles a daily digest of new cybersecurity threats from around the Internet. This top 10 has been culled from the 40+ unique stories we found relevant over the week, ranked by highest risk:

  1. Microsoft Exchange Zero-Day SSRF + RCE Chained Exploits
  2. Russian APT28 Utilizing Novel Powerpoint-centric Phishing Techniques to Deploy Graphite Malware
  3. Hackers Achieving Low-Observable Persistence on ESXi Virtual Machines via Malicious vSphere Installation Bundles
  4. Okta Subsidiary Auth0 Discloses Partial Compromise of Code Repositories
  5. Small Business-centric FARGO Ransomware Operators Abusing MS-SQL in Recent Campaign
  6. Metador APT Discovered After 2-year ISP-focused Infiltration Campaign
  7. High Potency Multi-Platform Chaos Botnet Malware Discovered by Security Researchers
  8. NullMixer RAT-Dropper Deploying Over a Dozen RATs via Software Cracks and Keygens
  9. Threat Actors Turn Towards Quantum Builder to Evade Detection and Diversify Attack Methodology
  10. Bl00dy Ransomware Operator Begins Copycat Campaign in Wake of Lockbit BLACK Source Code Leak
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