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CyberArk Training and Certification

Cyberark develops and sells cybersecurity identity management solutions. Cyberark’s product training is a mix of general cybersecurity knowledge and skills along with proprietary product-specific training.

What type of training does Cyberark offer?

Cyberark offers training on general cybersecurity skills and its own identity management products.

  • Software product-specific courses
  • General cybersecurity skill training

The courses are mainly paid/commercial and offered through a reseller network, so in order to enroll, you will likely have to be a customer, partner, or employee.

What do engineers who have taken Cyberark training say?

Engineers who have taken CyberArk training say the quality of the training and trainer was excellent, and beyond the product itself, the training focused on PAM as a whole. After the training engineers were confident and able to work with the core CyberArk product.

How is Cyberark training structured?

Training formatCyberark has the ability to accommodate all learning styles and accessibility levels by offering both in-person classroom instruction as well as an online experience.

– Instructor-led classroom
– Instructor-led online
– Self-paced online
– Private training

Cyberark also has authorized training centers around the US where trainees can attend in-person courses.
SchedulingStudents have the choice of attending a live instructor-led online course or doing an on-demand course at their convenience.

– Scheduled
– On-Demand
– Self-paced
CostPaid – The majority of Cyberark training is paid, but in comparison to other training catalogs, the Cyberark pricing is very reasonable.

Free – There are some free courses and certifications offered.
CertificationCyberark offers a broad variety of tiered certifications in their NSE offerings from “Awareness” through “Expert” levels.
DurationCourses vary in length depending on the product being covered.

How to access Cyberark Training?

Visit to learn more about Cyberark training and review their complete catalog of certifications and courses.

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