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Microsoft Training and Certification

Microsoft offers an extensive training library that includes instructor led, virtual and self-paced product training offerings Education Portal.

What type of training does Microsoft offer?

Microsoft offers learning options on all of its proprietary product training. No matter how you choose to learn, Microsoft helps you develop skills, deepen technical knowledge, pursue certifications, and advance your career.

  • Software product-specific courses
  • Technical product-specific courses
  • Certification courses

The courses are offered through Microsoft’s Training site, but, in order to enroll, you will likely have to be a customer, partner, or employee.

How is Microsoft training structured?

Training formatMicrosoft offers static, and video format training and customer education. Microsoft also offers certification for all of its products.

– Self-paced online
– Instructor-led
SchedulingStudents can browse the training library and choose their desired format for training. They can also schedule exams for certifications on specific products.

– Self-paced
CostFree – The majority of Microsoft training is free, but exams are a paid option. Training is only available to partners, customers, and employees.
CertificationMicrosoft offers product certifications in their offerings.
DurationCourses vary in length depending on the product being covered.

How to access Microsoft Training?

Visit to learn more about Cofense training and review their complete catalog of certifications and training.

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