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Weekly Top Ten Cybersecurity Stories – 6.10.2022

WEEKLY TOP TEN | JUNE 10, 2022 13:01 GMT

Our Threat Operations and Intelligence team compiles a daily digest of new cybersecurity threats from around the Internet. This top 10 has been culled from the 40+ unique stories we found relevant over the week, ranked by highest risk:

  1. 0Patch Releases Unofficial Security Patch for “DogWalk” Microsoft MSDT Zero-Day Vulnerability Similar to Follina Vuln
  2. QBot Trojan Found Abusing Follina MSDT Vulnerability in New Phishing Campaign
  3. CloudSEK Discovers Uptick in Phishing Actors Using Reverse Tunnels and URL Shortening to Evade Defenses
  4. MalwareBytes Releases 2022 Threat Review, Calls ASyncRAT Dominant Email Threat in 62% of Infections
  5. Intezer Security Researchers Discover “Nearly Impossible to Detect” Symbiote Malware Targeting Linux
  6. Parrot TDS Malware Campaign Reaches 16.5K Infected Websites, Increasing the NDSW Campaign Infections to 61K
  7. SVCReady InfoStealer Is Distributed Via Malicious Documents Abusing VBA Macros to Compile Shellcode
  8. Kaspersky Labs Details Highly Evasive “WinDealer” InfoStealer In Use by Chinese APT
  9. Critical Unpatched Vulnerabilities Found in Open Source U-Boot Boot Loader
  10. Mandiant Attributes LockBit Ransomware Attacks to Evil Corp Group
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